Our team is cooking up something good!

Lombardo’s culinary team has refined and updated the family classics, and added some delicious new ones to the menu in keeping with the Italian style. We maintain the tradition of everything fresh: fresh produce, meats and other ingredients sourced locally from Lancaster farms and made right in the family kitchen.

John Marconi

Executive Chef

Chef John has spent time in the kitchen for as long as he can remember. Growing up he always enjoyed cooking with his family, and for his family. He always loved experimenting with dishes, and it eventually turned into a hobby. At age 17 he started working in a small restaurant and fell in love with the industry. While in college with aspirations of becoming a teacher, he spent time working for a very talented chef who opened his eyes to finer food. John had never seen that level of cooking before, and almost immediately left his previous path behind to work as many hours as he could with this chef. John never looked back and did everything to push himself to learn and grow in his craft. John loves working with fresh, local ingredients from Lancaster County farms.

Ryan Stradley

Chef de Cuisine

From an early age, the culinary arts intrigued Ryan. Drawing inspiration from his grandfather, he learned how to elevate simple dishes. After giving up his dream to become a professional baseball player, Ryan began his culinary journey in his hometown of West Chester, PA. Moving up the in ranks and perfecting his techniques, Ryan learned the true value of his passion—small victories outweigh large defeats. In 2015, he made Lancaster his new home after falling in love with the farm-to-table culture. He entered the budding culinary community working in restaurants like HNT and Carr’s until the opportunity came along to help revitalize a Lancaster staple, Lombardo’s Restaurant. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find Ryan on the golf course or on a hike with the true loves of his life—Chloe and Isabelle.

Meredith Thompson

Front of House Manager

Meredith grew up in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont where her family’s use of local farm-fresh products ignited her love for food and local cuisine. Meredith attended Northern Vermont University, graduating with a degree in Hospitality. Over the years, Meredith found her real drive for restaurants was not only in the challenges of a fast-paced and ever-changing business, but in sharing her love for hospitality knowledge and experience. This passion for the restaurant industry gained Meredith opportunities in some well-known restaurants, most recently in New York City and the Hamptons. Meredith believes dining together creates a connection between people, coming together to share a little magic. Meredith recently moved to Lancaster, and is enjoying getting to know this beautiful area where she plans to set roots and become part of its great community.